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Original, large, decorative earrings in the style of boho with the mandala "Indian Tree of Freedom" (25 mm) and a pendant in the shape of wings. Length of earrings 8 cm. Width 2.7 cm.

36,00 zł 45,00 zł -20%

Original hand-made earrings on the bigle with the original mandala "Flower of Energy". Framed in a silver base. The size of the 25 mm mandala motif. Two hanging tassels in red. Length of earrings: 7 cm. Earwires made of surgical steel / antiallergic.

79,00 zł 89,00 zł

Short turquoise necklace (8 mm) with mandala (25 mm) "Throat Chakra".It fits well and adapts to the body, because of the arrangement of the handles. Overall length 42 cm, adjustable chain. Such a necklace with "Throat Chakra" in turquoise can be not only a beautiful decoration, but also support for the thyroid and energy of the throat. A beautiful, unusual decoration with intentional effect.

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Necklace with the "Chakra Basics" mandala. Made of natural stones: 4 mm agate, 6 mm red coral, 6 mm black volcanic lava and hematites. On a beige twisted string. The size of the 25 mm mandala motif. Total length 46 cm. The length is adjustable.

109,00 zł 119,00 zł

Mineral bracelet created with the intention of opening to love. Love for each other, love for others, attract love to your life.

109,00 zł 119,00 zł

Mineral bracelet created with the intention of bringing peace, calm and calm our nervous system. Alleviating the effects of stress and anxiety.

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A set of three bracelets with the mandala "Anioł Opiekun Emocji". Natural stones: gray-blue jade 10 mm, jade blue 8 mm, faceted 6 and 3 mm agate, hematites. Pendant: blue cubic zirconia. The mandala is visible on both sides of the base. The size of the 16 mm mandala theme. Size of the wrist set approx. 16 cm.

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Necklace with the "Flower of Life Love and Wisdom" mandala surrounded by gray-beige agates (8 and 10 mm) and faceted pink quartz (8 and 10 mm), as well as spacers with pink zircons and ice crystal in decorative hats. A necklace with a beautiful pink tassel.

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