Mandala on glass "OM - Divine vibration.

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The sound "OM" is considered the first voice of the universe, prasylab not belonging to any language.

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OM is a divine sound formerly available only to the initiates. Universal sound, right-cause of everything, original vibration. This is a very vigorous cellphone, it is attributed to its protective effect. The correct pronunciation of this voice is to facilitate the attainment of profound meditation and enlightenment. It is recommended to chant the OM for long and drag on the exhaust to modulate the voice.

This is to help you find peace and quiet, connect with the cosmos and experience yourself as part of the universe.

Also OM as a graphic sign has a positive impact on the environment. Radiographic studies have shown that the OM sends white vibrations that generally strengthen the human body. There is also the energy corresponding to the blue color, which is conducive to creating a calm mood.

The Mandala on Om glass can be hung on a window or wall.