Bracelet "7 chakras".

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Energetic bracelet, handmade, with original 7 chakra mandalas, framed in silver color. Made with the intention of balancing all chakras to bring balance and harmony at all levels of our lives.

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The total length of the bracelet 21 cm, size adjustable extension. The size of the base of each mandala 12 mm. The material does not contain allergenic substances, i.e. nickel, lead, cadmium.

Chakras (chakras) are swirling clusters of subtle energy, located along the spine from its base to the crown of the head.

Chakras maintain energy coherence, balance physical, spiritual and external factors. Physical and mental health as well as soul development depend on this proper balance. Chakras are divided into three groups: physical, mental, and spiritual. Energy exchange takes place between them.

Each of these energy centers has its own speed and characteristic color. Lower energy centers - the lower chakras vibrate in the lower octaves. They are associated with the physical body of man and his needs in everyday life on Earth. Higher centers belong to the spiritual, they vibrate faster than the speed of light.

The bracelet is waterproof, but not waterproof. Please take off for a bath or sauna.