Mandala on glass "Connection at infinity"

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This mandala represents an unknowable process of creating something new. Through the connection at the cellular level, under the limits of infinity, New Life is created, new quality, new relationship.  Copywright©

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It contains a set of rainbow colors, which has particularly healing properties. The rainbow makes everything return to its place, organizes itself in a harmonious and proper way. Each frequency of the rainbow color heals certain chakras in our body and environment, because everything vibrates with a certain frequency, everything is energy.

In the center there is a meeting of two and a connection, from which "New" is created, generating huge amounts of energy, visible through yellow-orange colors. This energy propagates throughout the space created by ellipses, turning into the colors of subsequent chakras. The whole process is surrounded by a safe area of ​​the circle. The circle closes the space and what is inside it is protected, strengthened and limited. The mandala resembles the cellular environment seen under the microscope. The visible DNA chain and cell division. You can see many other things here - depending on the point of view, distance and individual predispositions.

By number 4, this mandala introduces balance, completeness and ending. The number four refers to the female principle, which according to Chinese and European alchemists, represents the matrix of all things.

In the mandala, we also notice the symbol of infinity, which symbolizes unlimited time, space and quantity. The notion of infinity is a bridge from rational thought towards realities unknown or even unknowable. The sign of infinity represents the harmonious unity of two principles that are their opposites. Although he demonstrates the chapter on duality, he does not show the conflicted pair. Two loops are created and connected by one solid line. It is an expression of a balanced order, which is the background of the multiplicity observed in ordinary reality. Using the words of a mathematician, the infinite postulates "a complete order that has not been invented but discovered". In the mandalas, the sign of infinity can reveal the desire to refer to the Infinite. It can also be an attempt to balance opposites. Sometimes the sign of infinity reflects our experience from the relationship in which the opposite can be projected and integrated. It can also mean a good relationship with another human being, eg a friend, a lover, a therapist.

The phenomenon of the mandala consists in the fact that it is an image both acting on the subconscious and reflecting what in the subconscious is hidden, pushed away or repressed.

Mandala can affect us in two ways. When we paint it ourselves, we can contact our subconscious and find the source of problems, destructive patterns, psychological blocks or the causes of failures. With the help of selected means of expression, we bring to light everything that we can not express.

When we work with a ready mandala, we can use it as a symbol of strengthening our work. With our own thoughts, intentions and will, we make the mandala support us in our aspirations, intentions and dreams. Mandala is a tool thanks to which we can precisely direct our work and support in the form of a symbol, shape and color. In the case of jewelry, also natural stone with specific properties. However, we must remember that without our participation, without commitment and genuine willingness to work and change, the mandala will remain inactive. Remember that you activate it for yourself by affirming and desiring true change.

Mandala is a therapeutic image for our psyche, mind, body and soul.

Mandala painted on glass with a diameter of 21 cm, with stained-glass paints. The effect of stained glass. Author's work. Copying prohibited. For hanging on a window or wall. I add a suction cup to the mandala.