The duo bracelet "Power of the Heart".

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DUO bracelet - two mandalas in one bracelet. Energetic bracelet with two mandalas "Space of the Heart" and "Awakening of the Heart" surrounded by imperial jasper 10 mm and landscape jasper (8 mm) and hematite spacers. The size of the wrist is about 16-17 cm. The size of the 16 mm mandala motif.

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The hearty mandalas "Space of the Heart" and "Awakening of the Heart" affect our hearts and those of our loved ones. They transform the space we live in

Mandala "Heart Space" radiates the energy of Creation. This energy is Love. The heart as the center of every being can bestow love or be closed to its flow. This mandala was created with the intention of opening the heart to the free, unlimited flow of love energy, which will first touch you, and then everything around you. More:

The mandala "Awakening the Heart" supports the awakening of the heart to love, its frostbite and transformation through the process of experiencing the power of opposites. More:

Jasper is a supporting and calming stone, especially for people who live under stress. It helps in dealing with people, restores a sense of unity and connection, both with oneself and with others, and helps to ease conflicts. Jasper can be used for meditation, grounding, and working with dreams. In practical life, jasper encourages you to act, transform ideas into reality, helps you organize your time well and maintain discipline in achieving your goals.

Hematite: positively affects everything related to blood: its production, blood circulation, stopping bleeding, menstruation. It facilitates the absorption of iron. It regulates hypertension, prevents excessive muscle contractions and an accelerated pulse. Heals bladder diseases and helps with back problems. In the mental sphere, it awakens the joy of life, gives courage and strengthens the will. Already in antiquity, it was considered a stone of happiness, it helped to maintain a happy mood, it brought love, strength and victory. Nowadays, it is treated as an amulet that brings spiritual balance, allows you to overcome stress, and gives strength to overcome difficulties - both smaller and larger. People who wear jewelry with hematite are distinguished by self-confidence. They are characterized by a sense of humor, optimism, they easily gain recognition in the community and the sympathy of a wide group of friends. It is recommended especially for people with complexes or prone to depression.