Men's bracelet "Warrior of Light" - lemon onyx.

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Original men's bracelet with a lump of lemon and onyx and hematite rings. Made by sewing. Adjustable size. The size of the wrist is approx. 18-21 cm. It is possible to match. Enter the wrist circumference measured at the contact point in the ordering info.

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Bracelet for conscious men who wish to awaken the light of their inner master / guide. The energies of these stones can support this process very much.

Citrine is a yellow colored crystal. It radiates the heat of the volcanic energy of the earth. It warms our solar plexus and makes us confident with the power of our inner truth. So it is a wonderful stone for shy and insecure people. It also helps in making decisions, learning and creativity. It improves our relationships, supports the aura and helps to get rid of emotional toxins. It supports our digestive system and is believed to contribute to weight loss. Assigned for the third chakra - the solar plexus.

Black Onyx is considered a protective stone. It is also called the stone of inner strength ”, because its energy strengthens endurance and resilience in carrying out difficult, complex tasks or projects. Its energy intensifies the body's efficiency, strengthens psychophysical resistance and accelerates regeneration both after physical exertion and after stressful events.

Hematite was once considered the Stone of the Warriors. It represents durability, strength, adherence to the rules. Hematite is also called yarrow. This name, derived from the Middle Ages, indicates the main scope of its activity related to blood. It helps in achieving the intended goals, facilitates overcoming difficulties and activates vitality. Increases attractiveness. In the mental sphere, it awakens the joy of life, gives courage and strengthens the will. It helps to turn dreams into reality. Very helpful in balancing the energy of our body and spirit. Increases awareness. Hematite is also a protective stone. A polished stone looks like a mirror, that is, it protects very strongly, reflecting negative energy that can reach us. Therefore, it is worth carrying it with you in the form of jewelry. It also has a great effect on our body, primarily warms it and gives it energy. Additionally, hematite ground our energy. Perfect for the first chakra, the root chakra, or life stabilization.