"Chakra Stones" mineral bracelet.

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Bracelet made of minerals that support our energy centers - chakras. There is red jasper, carnelian, lemon, aventurine, apatite, lapis lazuli and amethyst. I also added rock crystal and tourmaline to strengthen the base and crown chakra. Bracelet on a red twisted string of high quality.

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Chakras (chakras) are swirling clusters of subtle energy located along the spine from its base to the crown of the head.

The chakras hold the coherence of energy, balance the physical, spiritual and external factors. Physical and mental health as well as the development of the soul depend on this proper balance. The chakras are divided into three groups: physical, mental and spiritual. Energy is exchanged between them.

Each one of these energy centers has its own speed and a characteristic color. Lower Energy Centers - The lower chakras vibrate in the lower octaves. They are related to the physical human body and its needs in everyday life on Earth. The higher centers are spiritual, they vibrate faster than the speed of light.

Red - base chakra - red jasper, tourmaline

Orange - sacral chakra - carnelian

Yellow - solar plexus chakra - lemons

green - heart chakra - aventurine

blue - throat chakra - apatite

navy blue - third eye chakra - lapis lazuli

purple - crown chakra - amethyst, mountain crystal