Bracelet "I am myself".

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Mineral bracelet with a nugget and balls of aquamarine, rock crystal, milk agate and hematite. On a blue string. Adjustable.

Courage in self-expression, in relationships, in being assertive and honest. Affirmation and intention to repeat daily: "I am myself, everyone else is already busy."

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Aquamarine is called the "stone of courage". It gives courage to shy people or those who have difficulty honestly expressing emotions, feelings, thoughts and assertiveness. Affects the center of communication and interpersonal relations. It brings peace, sharpens compassion. It gently removes blockages in the chakras. It protects people. Builds tolerance and responsibility.

The mountain crystal is a wonderful "for everything" crystal. It is suitable for meditation and healing as it increases, focuses and transforms energy, bringing balance and harmony to all chakras. It helps to achieve altered states of consciousness and raise the kundalini energy to arouse spiritual strength.

Agate is a stone of balance - physical, emotional and intellectual. It harmonizes the energies of yin and yang, has a calming effect and gives self-confidence. Agate improves attention span and analytical skills, which are useful for problem solving. The agate energy encourages the wearer to express themselves boldly and overcome prejudices. The stone heals anger and grief, giving you the courage to start over, removing the tension of past experiences. On a spiritual level, agate increases awareness, encourages quiet contemplation and acceptance of events, and promotes spiritual development.