"I am healthy" mineral bracelet.

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Bracelet made of minerals supporting our health. I used stones that have been considered healing for centuries in many areas: physical, emotional and spiritual. Turquoise, apatite, amethyst and lemons create this highly vibrating energy.

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The bracelet is adjustable, made on a golden (beige) string. I also added golden hematites and beads spacers.

The energy of this bracelet corresponds to the mandala "Green Lotus - I heal myself". The color combination is non-obvious and unique. This is what makes it attract our attention and intrigue in some strange way.

For centuries, turquoise has delighted everyone with the intensity of its color, which is blue, green or blue-green. It acts as a multifunctional healer for body ailments. It is good for muscles, blood circulation, lungs, throat and assimilation of nutrients. It helps with fatigue, bone and spine pain, allergies, asthma and breathing. Helpful after operations. Supports detoxification. It soothes the effects of radiation. In the emotional sphere, it regulates the balance of feelings and yin and yang energy well. It provides clarity of mind and helps you see your destiny.

Amethyst is called the "stone of harmony and relaxation". It restores balance to people prone to stress, brings peace and liberation of the mind from negative thoughts. It helps you deal with your emotions, adds patience, relieves you from everyday fatigue and problems, which in turn enables you to sleep well and sound at night after a hard day.

Blue apatite balances all chakras and calms the throat chakra. Suitable for healers. It helps in states of alienation and mental confusion.

Citrine stone are considered a stone of well-being. It strengthens the immune and nervous system. Supports depressive states, internal anxiety, feelings of distress, hypersensitivity, uncertainty and indecision, under examination stress. Strengthens the will to live, self-confidence, self-confidence, joy, creativity, concentration, the ability to self-insult, helps in " finding your own way of life "