Men's bracelet "Calming" amethyst.

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A hand-braided mineral bracelet with an amethyst nugget, amethyst and smoky quartz balls. Hematite dividers.

On a black string, adjustable size. Strong and durable.

For everyday wear.

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Amethyst restores balance to people prone to stress, brings peace and free the mind from negative thoughts. It helps you deal with your emotions, adds patience, relieves you from everyday fatigue and problems, which in turn allows you to sleep well and sound at night after a hard day. Amethyst may turn out to be a stone especially valuable for people in responsible and / or high positions. Here, the ability to combine knowledge and experience with intuition is important, and a way of thinking that is free from patterns, because each situation is significantly different from the previous one. Amethyst is also credited with helping to alleviate conflicts in personal and professional life, as well as clearing places where we stay for a long time (offices, houses, shops) of negative energy accumulated there from various sources. Amethyst also helps to break free from addictions.

Smoky quartz supports our first chakra, strengthens and gives the feeling of treading firmly on the ground. It protects against energy vampirism and cleanses from negative emotions. It helps in relationships and supports in resolving conflicts. Calms the atmosphere.