Bracelet "Life Flow Tree"

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Delicate and feminine mandalette "Life Flow Tree".

Intention: "I am the Life, pulsating energy with no beginning or end. I AM everything and everything is in me"

Made by hand from a red jewelry string. Adjustable size.

The size of the mandala theme is 14 mm.

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The mandala on the glass "Tree - Flow of Life" was created to support harmonious growth, enable the free flow of life energy and free the individual from the point of view limited by time and space, so that he could touch what is eternal in himself. This mandala radiates joy, energy and life.

It contains a set of rainbow colors, which has particularly healing properties. The rainbow makes everything return to its place, it arranges itself in a harmonious and proper way. Each color frequency of the rainbow heals certain chakras in our body and environment because everything vibrates at a certain frequency, everything is energy.

At every level of development, up to the very top, which connects to the bottom and forms the wheel of life. Thus, a specific torus is created which emanates vital energy around it. This tree is a reflection of the original nature of each of us. It is associated with Indian totem or folk symbols. It brings to mind a fire and shamanic dances to connect with the energy of creation and trigger a natural flow.

The colors of the seven chakras are like the floors in the rainbow color system. Branching branches form round, spherical fruits - small mandalas. The circle closes the space. What is inside the circle is protected, strengthened, and limited. The circle is reminiscent of the shape of a matriarchal village, ancient sacred spaces and countless forms of nature. It suggests movement: the spinning of the planets, the swirls of waters, or the spiral composition of elements of a ceremony, service or theater play. The smaller circles in the mandala can be an expression of protection, reverence, or the liberation of some aspect of you. The circles in the mandala can remind of the stream of life, the currents of which wind around objects permanently embedded in time and space. The Chinese symbol for heaven is a disk with an empty circle in the center. The hole marks the path of transcendence.

The universe flows in spirals. The spiral resembles the tantric symbol of the life force. The spiral serves as a symbol of the revitalization of life through contact with the divine, creative, healing energies of the deepest layers of the psyche.