Bracelet "Indian Tree of Freedom".

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Delicate and feminine mandalette "Indian Tree of Freedom." Intention: "I follow my heart, my spirit is always free."

Handcrafted with a blue jewelery string.

Adjustable size.

The size of the mandala theme is 14 mm

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This mandala slowly rises to the space of freedom of your heart. The consecutive levels of tree limbs are the next stages of ascending to total cosmic freedom. Indians are for me a symbol of connection with Mother Earth, with the wind, with the spirit of nature. The roots of the tree draw from the Earth, the branches from the air, the leaves from the sun, and it grows towards the sun.

This tree gives you energy for growth, for your journey to the greatest freedom of your eternal Spirit.

The tree is a symbol of an abundant and self-renewing life. The tree was once considered sacred. Some of the trees were considered oracles, and their voices could only be interpreted by the sages or priests who lived under their branches.

The upward momentum of the tree limbs is balanced by its downward growth. This makes the tree a convenient symbol of connection between different levels of reality: the underworld of the unconscious, the middle world of the earth and ordinary consciousness, and the upper world of heaven or transpersonal consciousness. A symbol such as a tree that connects different levels of reality is called axis mundi, the axis of the world. Axis mundi marks the mystical center of the universe. It is a bridge or a ladder on which the soul can climb to God. The tree can therefore be a symbol of man's relationship with God.