Bracelet "Tree of Love".

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Delicate and feminine mandalette "Tree of Love".

Intention: "Love surrounds me, fills me and emanates from every part of the universe"

Made by hand with a red jewelry string. Adjustable size.

The size of the 14 mm mandala motif.

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This mandala blossoms with the hearts of unconditional, warm, accepting and affectionate love. If you want this atmosphere to prevail in your surroundings / home, then this mandala is right for you.

This mandala contains a rainbow of colors, which is especially healing. The rainbow makes everything come back to its place, it arranges itself in a harmonious and proper way. Each color frequency of the rainbow heals certain chakras in our body and environment because everything vibrates at a certain frequency, everything is energy. Heart and spiral symbols enhance its impact.

The heart was once considered the center of existence and the "seat of intelligence". The heart is also associated with courage, sadness and joy. In esoteric thought, the heart is a reflection of the sun in man, just as gold was the reflection of the sun on earth.

The heart is the center of emotion, understanding, and will.

Heart in mandalas may show concern for personal relationships. I can also remind you of the need to focus on what is really important and central in a given situation. Hearts can speak of wounds and suffering, especially if they are purple.

The heart suggests awakening emotions. It can also mean being in love.

In the mandala, there is a spiral symbol that flows from two hearts forming one space, which is also the heart when the mandala is turned over. Spirals are ubiquitous throughout the cosmos. The universe flows in spirals. People feel the impulse of going around and towards the center, which is also the Center where "God" resides. The impulse to circulate around the sacred also shapes the inner mechanism of the psyche. Jung observed that the psyche's growth cycle takes the form of a spiral path. Jung speaks of an individuation process in which the ego takes its proper position as being revolving around the Self, the true center of personality. The spiral resembles the tantric symbol of the life force. The spiral serves as a symbol of the revitalization of life through contact with the divine, creative, healing energies of the deepest layers of the psyche. Clockwise spirals indicate that something is moving toward consciousness. Creating a spiral can express the flow of psychic energy contained in patterns that reflect the universal forces.

The tree is a symbol of an abundant and self-renewing life. The tree was once considered sacred. Some of the trees were considered oracles, and their voices could only be interpreted by the sages or priests who lived under their branches.