"Optimist" mineral bracelet.

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A bracelet made of minerals designed to see the bright sides of life, rebuild optimism, and strengthen emotional balance. Find joy and enthusiasm. And if you are an optimist, your optimism may even deepen :).

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The bracelet energetically corresponds to the mandalas: Tree of Joy, Delight, Flower of Energy.

The bracelet consists of a chrysoprase nugget and 6 mm tiger's eye beads, sunstone, aventurine and golden calcite.

Chrysoprase is a stone of optimism and joy. It strengthens mental balance, insight into oneself (into one's own state of mind, contact with the subconscious mind). It encourages action. Thanks to it, we can make decisions from the heart. It awakens in us a feeling of satisfaction that opens up a new experience. It helps to get out of the so-called "hole in life".

Tiger's eye - it strengthens, thanks to the vibrations of this stone, we can activate our own energy, arouse a sense of security without the need to cling to and sticking to what is tangible and tangible. This energy helps us to get rid of internal confusion and to lift emotional blockages. The tiger's eye sharpens our perception (including our eyesight), on many levels we begin to better perceive what is happening around us, and our ability to predict also increases. This stone gives courage to express one's opinion, strengthens the will to survive and strive for success.

Sunstone - brings vitality, longevity and abundance. It adds strength and energy. Helpful in anxiety states. Like the sun, it illuminates the dark corners of our soul and dissolves them in the light.

Golden calcite - calms the nerves, increases physical and mental energy. It helps in communication, transferring thoughts, organizing them and understanding - it also applies to oneself.