Bracelet "Now I am myself"

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Delicate and feminine mandalette "Now I am myself". I remind you of your talents, independence and the fact that it is always worth being only yourself ".

Made by hand from a blue jewelry string.

Adjustable size.

The size of the 14 mm mandala theme.

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This mandala represents the blossoming of one's autonomy and activity in a safe environment of cosmic order and peace. It supports the manifestation of your talents, potential and independence. It reminds that it is worth being yourself and only yourself (everyone else is already busy :).

Eight crimson petals in the center of the mandala herald the exit from the period of stagnation into the time of the renewal of one's own personality, the time of the period of productivity. Rebirth of your potential and energy. It is the color of female energy. The eight is considered a symbol of wholeness, infinity and rebirth.

Then 12 green-yellow petals. They ensure the development of consciousness and introduce some kind of control and harmony to the burgeoning strong crimson energy. The number twelve symbolizes the cosmic order and the completion of a matter.

The blue background of the mandala introduces peace, serenity and peace.

Mandala is an active image that positively influences our lives. It is the type of image that transforms reality.

Flowers, due to their shape and focus in the center, are a natural mandala. That is why some mystics consider them objects of contemplation. They are the image of the "Center" and hence the archetypal image of the soul.