"Fully Feminine" mineral bracelet with moonstone.

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A minimalist handmade bracelet made of a moonstone nugget and beads. On a gray twisted cord, adjustable size. Stainless steel moon motif.

Beautiful and durable. For everyday wear and to radiate its feminine lunar nature.

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The moonstone is connected with the female energy, it strengthens emotionally and opens to the subconscious, as well as cleans the intuition, thanks to which you can perceive its clear message. It is also called a lovers stone because it evokes feelings and heightens the feeling of love. It is a "mystery stone", equated with the female energy. When a woman has it, she becomes more attractive to those around her. As a protective amulet, it helps to cool emotions and defend against hasty decisions.

The moonstone also affects the emotional and mental state of a person. Supports anxiety, stress, and emotional distress. It adds a will to live. It strengthens inner peace, empathy, creativity, courage and paves the way to the subconscious.