Mandala on glass "No-Two"

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Her message is already in the name of No-Two, or One. Two hearts, two wings, forming a common space, will begin the creation of something completely new. The transformation that is made through Love creates a new quality - rising over divisions, evaluations, limitations - into the land of eternal Acceptance, Love and Joy.  Copywright©

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Her message is already in the name of No-Two, or One. Two hearts, two wings, creating a common space, begin the rise of something completely new. The change that takes place through Love creates a new quality - rising above divisions, assessments, limitations - to the land of eternal Acceptance, Love and Joy. To the space of the heart in total devotion, submission and consent to everything that is, as it is.

Constant motion, which is symbolized by a spiral, speaks of the uniqueness and total freshness of EVERY moment. The butterfly is a symbol of change. Hearts - the love that creates it, and everything possible in the Unity of two Beings.

The butterfly is a symbol of change. At the beginning it is a modest caterpillar, after which it falls asleep as a pupa, and finally appear as one of the most beautiful creatures in nature.

In the Christian tradition, these three stages are compared to life, death and resurrection. But spiritual associations with the butterfly are not limited to Christianity. The Greeks used the same word, "psyche", in relation to "soul" and "butterfly." They believed that human souls turn into butterflies when searching for a new incarnation. In European poetry as a metaphor of the soul, there is often a cousin of a butterfly, moth. In pursuit of the moth to the light, the poets saw the image of the soul's longing for God.

The butterfly in the mandala, according to Jung, can be a confirmation of the strength of the psyche to constantly create oneself from scratch. He may also announce that you have already left the dark night of the soul. The butterfly may be a harbinger of a dramatic change to a new way of existence. Butterflies in mandalas reflect your beauty, spirituality and renewal of yourself.

The heart is a symbol of love. Most often, it means love between people, but it can also represent spiritual fervor. In the mystical doctrine, the heart symbolizes love as a source of enlightenment and happiness. The heart was once considered the center of existence and the "real seat of intelligence". The heart is also associated with courage, sadness and joy. In esoteric thought the heart is the reflection of the sun in a man, just as gold was the reflection of the sun on earth. Heart

it is the center of emotion, understanding and will. The heart in the mandalas may show concern for personal relationships. I can also remind you of the need to focus on what is really important and central in a given situation. The heart suggests awakening emotions. It can also mean the state of falling in love.

The universe flows in whorls. People feel the impulse to circulate around and towards the center, which is also the Center in which God lives. The impulse to circulate around the sacred also shapes the internal mechanism of the psyche. Jung observed that the cycle of growth of the psyche is in the form of a spiral path. Jung speaks of the process of individuation, in which the ego occupies the proper position of being around the Self, the true center of personality. The spiral resembles the tantric symbol of the life force. The spiral thus serves as a symbol of the revitalization of life through contact with the divine, creative, healing energies of the deepest layers of the psyche. Spirals moving in a clockwise direction indicate that something is going to consciousness. Spiral formation can express the psychic energy flow contained in patterns reflecting universal forces.

All colors of the rainbow in the mandala make it affect all energy centers.

The phenomenon of the mandala consists in the fact that it is an image both acting on the subconscious and reflecting what in the subconscious is hidden, pushed away or repressed.

Mandala can affect us in two ways. When we paint it ourselves, we can contact our subconscious and find the source of problems, destructive patterns, psychological blocks or the causes of failures. With the help of selected means of expression, we bring to light everything that we can not express.

When we work with a ready mandala, we can use it as a symbol of strengthening our work. With our own thoughts, intentions and will, we make the mandala support us in our aspirations, intentions and dreams. Mandala is a tool thanks to which we can precisely direct our work and support in the form of a symbol, shape and color. In the case of jewelry, also natural stone with specific properties. However, we must remember that without our participation, without commitment and genuine willingness to work and change, the mandala will remain inactive. Remember that you activate it for yourself by affirming and desiring true change.

Mandala is a therapeutic image for our psyche, mind, body and soul.

Mandala painted on glass with a diameter of 20 cm with stained glass paints. I add a suction cup to the mandala. Original project.