Necklace with the mandala "Flower of Life Love and Wisdom".

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Necklace with the "Flower of Life Love and Wisdom" mandala surrounded by gray-beige agates (8 and 10 mm) and faceted pink quartz (8 and 10 mm), as well as spacers with pink zircons and ice crystal in decorative hats. A necklace with a beautiful pink tassel.

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The whole looks very nice in the tone of delicate pink and matte gray and a stronger accent of pink tassel. The mandala is located on both sides of the base.
A necklace for a lady who wants to harmonize her emotionality, emotionality and find in herself layers of wisdom and intuition in these areas.
This mandala is a picture of mature, wise Love, which grows out of the combination of Love and Wisdom creating the most beautiful Flower of Life. It exudes calmness, calmness, a sense of balance and fulfillment.
Rose Quartz is called the "stone of love". Calms down. Promotes forgiveness, love, romance and interpersonal relationships in general. Supports female energy and femininity. It is helpful in times of crisis, on phobias, anger, stress, fear, guilt, regret, jealousy, emotional hurt. Helps deal with childhood emotions. It works like a cleansing bath on emotions. At the physical level, it works great on the complexion, menstrual cycle, brings youthful appearance and fertility. Supports detoxification.
Agate is a stone of balance - physical, emotional and intellectual. Harmonizes yin and yang energies, calms down, adds confidence. Agate improves attention concentration and analytical skills, which is useful for problem solving. Agate energy urges the wearer to boldly express himself and overcome prejudices. The stone heals anger and regret, giving it the courage to start something again, relieves tension after passing from the past. At the spiritual level, agate increases awareness, encourages quiet contemplation and acceptance of events, promotes spiritual development.