Mineral bracelet "For Heart".

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Mineral bracelet created for the HEART. Minerals are selected to support the heart chakra area, the heart space. That the flow of energy throughout the body would be uninterrupted and harmonious. I used a malachite nugget, 6mm malachite beads, 6mm rose quartz beads, and 6mm rhodonite beads.

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Malachite is a stone with an intense green color, which is why its Greek name means plant. And just like nature and green, it has calming, soothing and calming properties. It also has great unfathomable power, just like all nature. It is also a stone of transformation and change from the heart level. He can also harmonize all our chakras. It helps in the interpretation of dreams. Preferably works in depression.

Rhodonite supports spiritual love and strengthens this love in the physical world. It is also helpful in finding love and maintaining friendship. It calms down, thanks to daily carrying rhodonite you can feel life satisfaction. Associated with the heart chakra.

Rose quartz - associated with the heart chakra. Calms down. Promotes forgiveness, love, romance and interpersonal relationships in general. Supports female energy and femininity. It works like a cleansing bath on emotions. At the physical level, it works great on the complexion, menstrual cycle, brings youthful appearance and fertility.