Necklace with the "Chakra Basics" mandala.

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Necklace with the "Chakra Basics" mandala.

Made of natural stones: 4 mm agate, 6 mm red coral, 6 mm black volcanic lava and hematites. On a beige twisted string. The size of the 25 mm mandala motif.

Total length 46 cm. The length is adjustable.

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To feel safe, well-established and healthy.

The base chakra is associated with physical needs and basic human survival. It has the lowest vibration frequency of all chakras, emits a red color of the spectrum. The symbolic square represents the element of earth, and the inverted triangle symbolizes the downward movement of energy that connects us to the earth. So there is a connection between the root chakra and the force of gravity, which constantly pulls us down and binds us to material existence. Four lotus petals are the four elements of our earthly home.

Balanced base chakra - a composed person, with high physical energy, firmly standing on the ground, healthy.

Chakra too open, swirling too fast - depicts a tyrant and egocentric person with an overly materialistic approach,

Blocked chakra spinning too slowly or not at all - a person in need of emotional support, low self-esteem and self-destructive behavior, timid.

The root chakra is associated with a sense of physical security, belonging to a social group. More about this chakra:

Agate is a stone of balance - physical, emotional and intellectual. Harmonizes yin and yang energies, calms down, adds confidence. Agate improves attention concentration and analytical skills, which is useful for problem solving. Agate energy urges the wearer to boldly express himself and overcome prejudices. The stone heals anger and regret, giving it the courage to start something again, relieves tension after passing from the past. At the spiritual level, agate increases awareness, encourages quiet contemplation and acceptance of events, promotes spiritual development.

Coral symbolizes the joy of life and helps to see its good sides. Red coral enhances creativity, passion, romantic love, optimism and enthusiasm. In the sphere of physical health, it helps in blood diseases, circulatory disorders, osteoporosis. In addition, it facilitates the excretion of urinary stones, cleanses, stops bleeding.

Volcanic lava stimulates a gentle flow of energy that has a healing effect on the body, spirit and mind. Lava collects negative energies and turns them into positive ones. It gives grounding and connection to the magical energy of Mother Earth, which is why it is often used in Native Indian ceremonies. Lava makes the aura clean and energyized, free from negative influences.

Hematite was considered a stone of warriors in ancient Babylon. Represents durability, strength, sticking to the rules. Hematite is also called yarrow. This name derived from the Middle Ages indicates the main scope of its activity. It helps in achieving the intended goals, facilitates overcoming difficulties and activates vitality. It increases attractiveness, has a positive effect on everything that is associated with blood: its production, blood circulation, stopping bleeding, menstruation. Facilitates iron absorption. Regulates hypertension, prevents excessive muscle spasms and accelerated pulse. Cures bladder disease and helps with back problems. In the psychological sphere, it awakens the joy of life, gives courage and strengthens the will. It helps turn dreams into reality. Very helpful in balancing the energy of our body and spirit. Increases awareness.