Bracelet "Love".

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A bracelet of minerals created with the intention of opening to love - love for yourself and love for others. Attract love into your life.

With a large lump of rose quartz - the stone of love and rhodonite, amethyst, rose quartz and hematites.

The intention to affirm daily: "I love and I am loved."

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The bracelet responds energetically to mandalas: Tree of Love, Space of the Heart, I love myself.

Made of stones: main rose quartz 18 x14 mm, amethyst, rhodonite and rose quartz 6 mm, hematites.

Rose Quartz is called the "stone of love". Associated with the heart chakra. Calms down. Promotes forgiveness, love, romance and interpersonal relationships in general. Supports female energy and femininity. It works like a cleansing bath on emotions. At the physical level, it works great on the complexion, menstrual cycle, brings youthful appearance and fertility.

Amethyst calms passions, nerves, hypersensitivity, tension, emotional energy and regret. It strengthens the aura, improves self-esteem, is associated with the crown chakra, so it is suitable in contact with higher levels.

Rhodonite supports spiritual love and strengthens this love in the physical world. It is also helpful in finding love and maintaining friendship. It calms down, thanks to daily carrying rhodonite you can feel life satisfaction. Associated with the heart chakra.

Hematite: positively affects everything that is associated with blood: its production, blood circulation, stopping bleeding, menstruation. Facilitates iron absorption. Regulates hypertension, prevents excessive muscle spasms and accelerated pulse. Cures bladder disease and helps with back problems. In the psychological sphere, it awakens the joy of life, gives courage and strengthens the will.