SubtElle bracelet with mandala "Angel Emitter Guardian" with moonstone.

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A subtle bracelet with the "Angel Guardian of Emotion" mandala (10 mm) surrounded by 6 mm faceted moonstone stones, braided on a gray string. Delicate, feminine and classic. Adjustable size. Stainless steel base. Bracelet intention: I express my emotions assertively and responsibly. I am looked after. "

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The mandala on the glass "Guardian of Emotion" appeared to support you on the emotional level.

if emotions rule you,
if you often feel lost in their world,
if you find it difficult to establish honest and close relationships with other people,
if you're locked inside
if you are afraid, you get angry for no reason, or you are overwhelmed with sadness,
it is this mandala, this Angel can support you in working with emotions and bring relief and guidance.

This angel, like a dancing "dervish" in dynamic meditation, gives in to a force majeure and falls into a trance, which helps to see where these blockades are and indicates people and places where you can go, ask for help and rework.

This angel supports you in your daily work on emotions, assertively releasing them and developing your emotional intelligence.

Your vision of an Angel is most important to you. Everyone can see something different here. Remember, however, that it is your Angel and your vision :).

Mandala colors:

Light blue - in mandalas, the meaning of blue and blue is often associated with motherhood. Lighter shades of blue seem to suggest selfless love, care and compassion. Here, the Angel's wings suggest motherly, selfless love and protection.

Green - in mandalas it reflects the ability to cultivate, care for, protect. Suggests being able to take care of yourself as well as support others.

red, orange, yellow, - warmth, energy and vitality, intensity of feelings and emotions.

The heart is the center of emotion, understanding and will. The heart in mandalas may show concern for personal relationships and self-relationship.

An angel is a personalization of positive energies that can support you in your everyday work with emotions.

Moonstone is combined with female energy, it strengthens emotionally and opens to the subconscious, and also cleans intuition, so you can receive its clear message. It is also called a lovers stone, because it evokes feelings and intensifies the feeling of love. It's a "mystery stone," identified with female energy. When a woman has it, she becomes more attractive to the environment. As a protective amulet, it helps cool emotions and defend against hasty decisions.

Moonstone also affects the emotional and mental state of man. Assists in anxiety, under stress, in the case of emotional disorder. It adds desire to life. It strengthens inner peace, supports empathy, creativity, courage and paves the way for the subconscious.