Bracelet SubtElle with "Green Lotus Heal Myself" mandala zoisyt.

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The "Green Lotus - Heal Myself" mandala on glass was created with the intention and affirmation of good health, harmony and peace. It emanates colors of light, calmness and relief. It shines with joyful and delicate energy. More:

Zoisite with ruby ​​- a combination of two minerals that correspond with the heart chakra. It is a stone that helps to return to psycho-physical balance after stress and illness. It encourages, heals the soul and helps develop your talents. It will help in overcoming obstacles, trauma, its energy will restore us to the so-called normal life.

The transformation of negative energy into positive (which is especially recommended for people with depressed mood, depressive and drug states as well as people who have recently experienced some kind of tragedy in their lives),
Supporting the seeing of positive aspects of your situation - especially in people after hard experience, crisis,
Help self-destructive people to slow down such behavior,
Adding energy to people facing high demands.
Zoisyt also supports the body:

Restores alkaline balance,
Reduces susceptibility to colds,
Supports the work of the heart and spleen.