Bracelet "Protection and Strength".

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Bracelet with a black tourmaline nugget and faceted 6mm hematites and 6mm volcanic lava. Her energy, in addition to the protection offered by black tourmaline and volcanic lava, gives the warrior's strength and strength flowing from hematite energy.

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This bracelet energetically corresponds to the mandala "Crystal Shield", "Flower of Energy", "Chakro-Transformation", "Now I am myself".

Black tourmaline - a stone with the strongest protective properties.

Tourmaline - strengthens, heals and cleanses both the body and the mind, bringing clarity and calmness. It helps to fall asleep and dispels fear. It increases self-confidence, removes blockades, helps in the case of the victim's mentality, negative feelings, breakdowns and fears about what others will think. It works well on the inner sense of self, yin / yang balance, all psychic abilities and activity of both cerebral hemispheres. It removes negative emotions and energies from the body and protects against external bad influences.

Hematite was considered a stone of warriors in ancient Babylon. Represents durability, strength, sticking to the rules. Hematite is also called yarrow. This name derived from the Middle Ages indicates the main scope of its activity. It helps in achieving the intended goals, facilitates overcoming difficulties and activates vitality. Increases attractiveness.

Positively affects everything that is associated with blood: its production, blood circulation, stopping bleeding, menstruation. Facilitates iron absorption. Regulates hypertension, prevents excessive muscle spasms and accelerated pulse. Cures bladder disease and helps with back problems. In the psychological sphere, he awakens the joy of life, encourages and strengthens the will. It helps turn dreams into reality. Very helpful in balancing the energy of our body and spirit. Increases awareness.

Volcanic lava combines all the elements. It stimulates a gentle flow of energy that has a healing effect on the body, spirit and mind. Lava cleanses our energy field, makes our aura protect us from negative influences from the outside, but also from the inside if our thoughts are unclear and disordered. It gives grounding and connection to the energy of Mother Earth, thus supporting the base chakra. It also has a protective effect and allows us to remain ourselves in all conditions.