Bracelet "POWER of Women".

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Mineral bracelet created for women and their power associated with Earth and the element Yin. If you want to find this original strength within you, then these stones can support you in this. A goddess bracelet that follows the path of wild original femininity, which is characterized by intuition and creative power. The bracelet supports pregnant women and during menopause.

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The main stone is a lump of chrysocolla (about 11 mm). Then I added stones: amazonite 6 mm, zoisite with ruby ​​and lepidolites all enriched with shiny faceted gold hematites.

Chrysocolla is a stone for expressing the power of female energy that exists in both women and men. The stone exudes delicacy and strength at the same time, teaching that true power is expressed through the delicacy of feelings. Chrysocolla is a stone of the Goddess, an ancient archetypal figure associated with vibration and Earth consciousness.
Chrysocolla helps people who want to be better understood by others, have access to inner wisdom and express themselves in a bold and coherent way. This stone makes you realize how great the power of words is, teaches you how to choose words consciously, realizing that words have the power to change reality. Chryzokola is a stone for speakers, lecturers, sales representatives and other people who use verbal expression at work. It helps to speak with passion and straight from the heart to reach human hearts.

Amazonite is a stone that helps to deal with fear and worry, helps regain peace. Restores hope, faith and optimism when a person feels lonely. The stone is especially recommended for women, because it is associated with the Amazons, a tribe of women full of power. Amazonite urges a man to take responsibility for his life and become the creator of his own fate, start to realize his dreams. Amazonite harmonizes changing moods and dissipates sadness, and helps people communicate in relationships. By ancient Amazonite was called the stone of youth, because according to beliefs worn on the skin kept it youthful and firm. And according to esoterics, this stone restores hope and optimism, helps to recover peace and harmony in difficult times, helps to get rid of sadness and depression. Contemporary Lithotherapists also recommend it to women, especially during menopause, because wearing it regularly helps maintain calcium balance in the body and stimulates the nervous system. Apparently passes thanks to this tendency to irritation and so-called Sauce, i.e. hot flushes and baked goods on the face.

Zoisyt with ruby ​​heals the souls of women who have experienced worse treatment for centuries. Which for centuries fought for their freedom and expression. It supports the heart chakra in cleansing from sadness and in the free flow of love for oneself and others.