Mandala "Of New".

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The "New" mandala was created to support the beginning of processes.
It is a mandala for a good beginning, starting, and creating something new.
And let it be like a bright star in the dark sky showing the way home. The diameter of the mandala 21 cm. I add a suction cup to the mandala so that you can hang it on the window. Copywright©

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Her energy feeds these processes through colors, shapes and numbers.
The dominant colors are orange, light green and white. Orange color contains a large energy charge (after red), associated with a burning fire. It is also the color of the cross chakra associated with creation, strength, pleasure and freedom of expression as well as sexuality. We associate light green with spring, the beginning of a new life and hope. White contains all the colors of the rainbow, so you can draw all the strands from it.
The shape of the mandala resembles a star (The ancients recognized stars as symbols of the favor and guidance of the heavens. Stars glistening in the dark sky lead the wanderer home, they are guides), flower (a symbol of spring and eternally renewing life), openness, flowering. In the middle of the mandala, on a white background, you can see open flowers with stamens that give seeds. There are also small circles that are associated with red fruits. Four seasons can be identified here: spring with its fresh greenery and flowers, summer with the bloom of these flowers and fullness, autumn with orange, brown and fruit, and winter with white and black dry seeds. There is no beginning or end. Everything is both the beginning and the end.
The mandala is built on the number eight. It is a number of stability, harmony and rebirth. As well as infinity and the spiral movement of the cosmos. Jung considered eight as an integer because it is a multiple of four - the primary symbol of self. The Eight can herald the appearance of a NEW in your life.