Raw citrine necklace.

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Natural necklace with a raw lump of lemon. On a beige wax cord.
The necklace is adjustable. I woven into this necklace pebbles: 6mm prehnite, 6mm tiger quartz, 6mm lemon, zoisite with 6mm ruby and hematite. There is also one 8 mm smoky quartz. So a lot of good cleansing and strengthening energy.

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Lemons are about 3.5 cm long.

The necklace is suitable for everyday wear. The delicate beige-green tone goes well with many creations.

A good necklace to strengthen our third chakra - the solar plexus - which is responsible for the power of our personality, courage and confidence. So energetically it corresponds to the mandala "Confidence Tree", "Solar Plexus Chakra", "Fiery".
Citrine is a yellow colored crystal. It radiates the warmth of volcanic energy of the earth. Heats our solar plexus and makes us confident with the power of our inner truth. So it's a wonderful stone for people who are shy and insecure.
Citrine is also widely recognized as a "money" stone that brings prosperity and wealth.
It also helps in making decisions, learning and creativity. It improves our relationships, supports the aura and helps get rid of emotional toxins.
Regulates our digestive system.
Assigned for the third chakra - the solar plexus.
Strong, hot stone.