Necklace "Tree Green Crystal Aura".

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Necklace with three green mountain crystals AURA. Made on a gray string. I added 6 mm desert sand, 6 mm prehnite and hematites. The length of the necklace is adjustable.

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The energy of this necklace reminds me of the energy of the "Green Lotus - I heal myself" mandala. Nature's greenery renews our vitality, energizes and nourishes us. It exudes calmness and relaxation. It also vibrates with the energy of the "Heart Chakra", spreading the field of unconditional love. It opens us to higher energies.

The rock crystal, in turn, is the most powerful cleansing crystal, harmonizing our energy and the energy of the environment. Heals, absorbs adverse vibrations, strengthens the power of thought and intention, especially during meditation and prayer.
There are also other stones here: moonstone, zoisite with ruby, citrine, smoky quartz, fluorite, prehnite, tiger quartz and hematite. They also send their subtle energies to co-create a beautiful supportive space.
The length of the necklace is adjustable. You can wear it short around the neck, but also a little longer on the neckline. It is strung on a high-quality beige twisted string.

Prehnite is considered a stone of unconditional love and a crystal that heals therapists, healers, shamans and people working with others (cleanses from absorbed, negative energy). Accelerates spiritual development, connects with Beings of the Higher Dimensions and High Vibrations (especially with Angelic energies).

Desert sand is a stone of optimism and a positive attitude to life. We are attracted to material and spiritual abundance.