Necklace with the "Crown Chakra"

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Necklace with the "Crown Chakra" mandala (diameter of the mandala 25 mm).
Made of gray string, on which I applied faceted hematites 8 and 6 mm in shades of gray and graphite. Adjustable length. The maximum length is 41 cm.

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I used hematite stones for the crown chakra necklace for a reason. I wanted to balance the upward movement of the crown chakra with the downward movement that hematite offers. I meant good anchoring and rooting so that we could calmly develop the crown chakra.
Crown chakra, seventh chakra - the beginning and end of the journey, rebirth to constantly search for new experiences. By awakening our crown of the head, we open up the possibility of exploring the nature of consciousness and full development.