Bracelet DUO Harmony of sacred geometry.

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DUO bracelet - two mandalas in one bracelet. Energetic bracelet with two mandalas "Flower of Life" and "Seed of Life" (16 mm) on both sides of the base surrounded by 10 mm faceted amethyst stones and golden hematite.

The energy of the mandala and calming amethyst go great together.

Wrist size 16 cm. 16 mm mandala motif.

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"Flower of life" or Flower of life radiates high vibrations. Harmonizes space, transforms harmful energy, it is one of the strongest positive symbols of Sacred Geometry.

It contains the proportions of every aspect and form of life. Everywhere it was discovered it bears the same name "flower of life", although in space it is called the Language of Silence or the Language of Light. The flower of life radiates high vibrations. Harmonizes space, transforms harmful energy, it is one of the strongest positive symbols of Sacred Geometry.

With the help of the Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry, you can tell the history of the world, from its creation through the action of the four elements, the proportions and development of the human body. It is also a symbolic record of the structure of our universe, here are all atoms, levels, dimensions, everything that exists in our universe in the form of waves, as well as the prototype (matrix) of our Existence.

The Flower of Life title did not gain because of the similarity to the flowers we know, but by analogy with the fruit tree life cycle: flower, fruit, seed, tree, flower, fruit ... All these steps are found in a geometric form in the Flower of Life, even known from tradition Hebrew Kabbalah, Tree of Life. Leonardo da Vinci from the Flower of Life developed proportions that he used in all his inventions.

The Flower of Life is an infinite source of information (in which even infinity itself is recorded!).

When he makes his first full 360-degree turn, he draws a total of seven spheres - as many days as the creation process described in the Bible takes. These six spheres described on one central sphere form the first static shape called the Genesis Pattern or the Seed of Life.

Amethyst is called the "stone of harmony and relaxation." Restores balance to people prone to stress, brings peace and free the mind from negative thoughts. It helps to deal with emotions, adds patience, frees you from everyday fatigue and problems, which in turn allows you to sleep hard and healthy at night after a hard day. Amethyst may prove to be a particularly valuable stone for people in responsible and / or high work positions. Here, the ability to combine knowledge and experience with intuition is important, as well as a way of thinking that is free from diagrams, because each situation is significantly different from the previous one. Professional activity can be both creative and effective. The energy of Amethyst affects these two areas and combines them in the form of full professionalism of our work. There is no more room for restrictions, existing thinking patterns or unhealthy attachment to things or people. The horizon of our development possibilities is broadened. Amethyst is also credited with helping to alleviate conflicts in personal and professional life, as well as to clean up places where we spend a long time (offices, homes, shops) from the negative energy accumulated there, from various sources. This also applies to the sphere of sex life - also in this area due to frequent contact with the energy of Amethyst we can show more fantasy, and as a consequence give and receive more satisfaction. The bracelet is tastefully packed in a company box.