Bracelet "My POWER" - tourmaline.

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A delicate bracelet with a lump of black tourmaline on a red thread.

According to some reports, the red thread is supposed to act as a protective talisman against the "evil eye". In combination with black tourmaline, it is a very strong protective amulet.

Adjustable size.

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Black tourmaline - a stone with the strongest protective properties.

Tourmaline - strengthens, heals and cleanses both the body and the mind, bringing clarity and calmness. It helps you fall asleep and dispels fear. It increases self-confidence, removes blockades, helps with the mentality of the victim, negative feelings, breakdowns and fears about what others will think. It works well on the inner sense of self, yin / yang balance, all psychic abilities and activity of both cerebral hemispheres. It removes negative emotions and energies from the body and protects against external bad influences.