Bracelet with charoite.

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A delicate bracelet with a charoite on a purple string.

Adjustable size.

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Charoite is a stone intended primarily for people following the path of spiritual development. This stone combines earthly experience with mysticism and shows that these are spheres inseparably connected with each other and man should take care of both his physical and spiritual element.

Blackite jewelry supports clairvoyance and heals various addictions and obsessions. Charoite helps overcome paralyzing fear and relieves any discomfort from the nervous system. Carrying a blackite with you allows you to remove negative energies and increases the likelihood of happy coincidences. It introduces harmony and allows you to breathe, entering a higher level of understanding not only yourself, but also the world around us.

Czaroit opens man to receive extrasensory impressions, easier access to patterns encoded in the subconscious and to explore the mysteries of his own soul. Charoite minerals will also help regenerate the body, soothe broken nerves and fight liver and kidney problems.