Bracelet intuition and vitality - Lapis Lazuli.

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Bracelet handmade from a lump of raw lapis lazui and stones lapis lazuli, turquoise, larvikite and hematites. On navy blue string, adjustable size. Strong and durable, will not break, easy to put on and take off. Round mandala badge in silver made of stainless steel.

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Beautiful and unique. For daily energy renewal, sharpening the sense of intuition as well as accelerating your own development.

This bracelet corresponds energetically to the mandala: Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, Eye of Self, Tree of Power, Tera I Am Myself.

The size of the raw nugget is about 11-12 mm. Lapis lazuli faceted balls 6 mm, turquoise balls 6 mm and Larvikite 6 mm. Graphite hematite spacers.

Lapis lazuli is a stone for improving well-being, increases vitality, perseverance, and creative expression. It is a stone of wisdom and dignity, formerly reserved only for pharaohs and kings. It can support our spiritual development and activate spiritual guides. Helpful in developing intuition and working with dreams. It relaxes and relaxes.

Lapis and turquoise wonderfully support and complement each other, which further enhances their performance.

Turquoise - already considered by the ancient Egyptians to be magical and holy, often used to make protective and healing amulets. According to beliefs, turquoise changes color to warn the owner of betrayal and danger. It combines the wisdom of Heaven and Earth, is a guardian stone, protects our aura from harmful vibrations. Turquoise are also called "stones of the heavens" and their purpose was to be to bring reconciliation: reconcile enemies and end disputes, as well as silencing anger and protecting it. turquoise protects against negative vibrations and prevents anxiety. It protects against bad luck and accidents - it was once a lucky stone for riders, today it is recommended for drivers. It provides the wearer with a clear, balanced mind, as a result of which he can precisely formulate thoughts and understand himself clearly. Is conducive to maintaining a cheerful spirit, adds optimism and vitality. Due to these properties, it is recommended for people who often communicate. It is also a symbol of generosity, honesty and devotion. It inspires you to be honest with yourself so that you can see yourself as you really are and define what you really want in life. Thanks to its action, you can better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions - conducive to analytical thinking. It increases the desire for self-realization, helps develop natural abilities and strengths. It brings wisdom, thanks to which it inspires to solve problems. Stimulates creativity and stimulates the imagination. Turquoise relieves depression,

Larvikit - moonstone: integrates the past with the present. Works well on aura and astral travel. It helps in states of uncertainty and anxiety. Good for the lungs. It relaxes and improves sleep.

Hematite: positively affects everything that is associated with blood: its production, blood circulation, stopping bleeding, menstruation. Facilitates iron absorption. Regulates hypertension, prevents excessive muscle spasm and accelerated pulse. It cures bladder disease and helps with back problems. In the psychological sphere, it awakens the joy of life, gives courage and strengthens the will.