Bracelet with raw lemon stone.

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Phenomena bracelet handmade from a piece of raw lemon and buffalo eye 6 mm, lemons 8 mm and hematite. On a brown string, adjustable size. Strong and durable, will not break up, easy to put on and take photos. Round mandala gold plate in stainless steel.

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Classical, elegant and full of class. For everyday wear.

The size of the raw nuggets is about 11-12 mm. Balls of lemons 8 mm, balls of buffalo eye 6 mm.

Lemons are a yellow-colored crystal. The warmth of the volcanic energy of the earth beats from it. He warms our solar plexus and makes us feel confident in the power of our inner truth. So it is a wonderful stone for people who are shy and insecure.

Lemons are also widely recognized as a "money" stone that brings abundance and wealth.

It also helps in making decisions, learning, and creating. It improves our relationships, supports the action of aura and helps to get rid of emotional toxins.

It supports our digestive system, which is believed to contribute to weight loss.

Assigned for the third chakra - solar plexus.

It is also widely believed that raw, unpolished stone has a stronger impact than processed stone.

Hematite: positively affects everything related to blood: its production, bloodstream, strenuous bleeding, menstruation. Facilitates the absorption of iron. It regulates hypertension, prevents excessive muscle cramps and accelerated pulse. Heals bladder diseases and helps with spinal problems. In the mental sphere, he arouses the joy of life, encourages and strengthens the will.

Bawole Oko: is a stone that provides a sense of security, is associated with the first root chakra. It stimulates diligence, resourcefulness and endurance. It is a stone helpful in the treatment of eye and respiratory diseases. Protects against so-called "bad eye."

Properties of the stone described on the basis of available literature in the field of lithotherapy and bioenergotherapy.