Necklace with titanium quartz aura

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Necklace with titanium quartz aura. On a navy blue jewelry string with beads made of faceted 4 mm agates and hematites.

Delicate, for everyday wear. The size of the quartz is approx. 20 mm. Adjustable length, maximum length: 41 cm.

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Titanium quartz is quartz with titanium and niobium belts. Otherwise, aura, rainbow, or angelic quartz.
It is a stone "to improve the well-being" - it recharges energetically. it purifies and harmonizes all our chakras. Increases the joy of life, reduces anxiety, sadness and depression. It is ideal when recovering from a difficult mental state. Necessary for people after trauma.
Prevents diseases, well affects the fluids in the body.
It improves concentration and positively affects the state of emotions. It stimulates the flow of energy. It helps to see the aura.
Each necklace is different, because each titanium quartz is different.

The stones are cleaned and charged with clean energy.