Mandala on glass "I love myself"

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The mandala on the glass "I Love Myself" feeds the heart with the energy of motherly love that you can now give yourself. It supports you in everyday accepting yourself and appreciating your own existence. Copywright©

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I am already an adult, so I can self-esteem myself with love and protection. I accept myself as I am. When I love myself, I can love everything else.

Unusual message of this mandala makes the healing rainbow surrounds your heart, feeding it with your vibrations.

You can look at it in two ways: from the bottom, the spiral energy of life penetrates into the heart, powering it. The spiral tends to go up and through the transformation and love of oneself, it exits outside the colors of the rainbow that surround the heart.

Or you can see it from above: From the rainbow pours the energy of colors in the form of a spiral to the heart and connecting to the bottom tends to connect with the ground - grounding in itself. There is undoubted flow of up / down and vice versa. There is no separation between what is outside and what is inside. The principle of connected dishes.

The heart is light blue. In mandalas, the meaning of blue and blue is often associated with motherhood. Lighter shades of blue seem to imply unselfish love, care and compassion. Here I offer myself a motherly, selfless love and care.

Pink wraps the heart. It is associated with the body, femininity and healthy, innocent baby. It can also refer to emotional life and encourage you to look for what is new and needs care.

The heart is a symbol of love. The heart is the center of emotion, understanding and will.

The heart in the mandalas may show concern for personal relationships and self-association.

The colors of the rainbow surround the blue of the heart and the embrace of pink. The rainbow is an amazing, natural display of colors. He paints on a dark sky, still thick from the storm. Her silent beauty, after the drama of lightning, lightning and rain, adds comfort. It announces the return of the sun. Similarly, in the mandala, it can suggest going through the dark period and entering the time of renewal and healing. The rainbow makes everything return to its place, organizes itself in a harmonious and proper way. Each frequency of the rainbow color heals certain chakras in our body and environment, because everything vibrates with a certain frequency, everything is energy.

The phenomenon of the mandala consists in the fact that it is an image both acting on the subconscious and reflecting what in the subconscious is hidden, pushed away or repressed.

Mandala can affect us in two ways. When we paint it ourselves, we can contact our subconscious and find the source of problems, destructive patterns, psychological blocks or the causes of failures. With the help of selected means of expression, we bring to light everything that we can not express.

When we work with a ready mandala, we can use it as a symbol of strengthening our work. With our own thoughts, intentions and will, we make the mandala support us in our aspirations, intentions and dreams. Mandala is a tool thanks to which we can precisely direct our work and support in the form of a symbol, shape and color. In the case of jewelry, also natural stone with specific properties. However, we must remember that without our participation, without commitment and genuine willingness to work and change, the mandala will remain inactive. Remember that you activate it for yourself by affirming and desiring true change.

Mandala is a therapeutic image for our psyche, mind, body and soul.

The original mandala is hand-painted on glass with a diameter of 21 cm, with stained-glass paints. Author's work. Copying prohibited.