Mandala on glass "Crystal Shield".

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This mandala consists of many triangles that resemble grounded crystals. They reflect the light and thus a rainbow of colors appears. The triangles are arranged so that they form a kind of crystal shield that can protect you and disperse low-energy energies.



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The triangles in the mandalas introduce movement. They direct your attention to the eternal balance of rising and falling energies. The triangle can show you what you need to know so as not to stray from the right path. The triangle can direct you towards the element of the soul in the depths of your heart so that you can act from this level.

Through the multitude of colors, it affects all chakras.

The phenomenon of the mandala consists in the fact that it is an image both acting on the subconscious and reflecting what in the subconscious is hidden, pushed away or repressed.

Mandala can affect us in two ways. When we paint it ourselves, we can contact our subconscious and find the source of problems, destructive patterns, psychological blocks or the causes of failures. With the help of selected means of expression, we bring to light everything that we can not express.

When we work with a ready mandala, we can use it as a symbol of strengthening our work. With our own thoughts, intentions and will, we make the mandala support us in our aspirations, intentions and dreams. Mandala is a tool thanks to which we can precisely direct our work and support in the form of a symbol, shape and color. In the case of jewelry, also natural stone with specific properties. However, we must remember that without our participation, without commitment and genuine willingness to work and change, the mandala will remain inactive. Remember that you activate it for yourself by affirming and desiring true change.

Mandala is a therapeutic image for our psyche, mind, body and soul.

Mandala painted on glass with a diameter of 20 cm. Author's work.