Bracelet with the mandala "Angel Guardian of Emotions" onyx obsidian.

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Bracelet with the mandala "Angel Guardian of Emotions" black. Made of faceted onyx stones and black obsidian with gold dust (8 mm). On a black string. The mandala is located on both sides of the base.

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The mandala on the glass "Angel Guardian of Emotions" appeared with the intention of supporting you on the emotional level.

if emotions rule you
if you often feel lost in their world,
if it is difficult for you to establish honest and close relationships with other people,
if you are closed inside,
if you are afraid or angry for no reason, or you are overwhelmed by sadness,
it is this mandala, this Angel can support you in working with emotions and bring relief and guidance.

Like the dancing "dervish" in dynamic meditation, this angel succumbs to a higher power and enters a trance that helps you see where these blockages are and points out people and places to go, ask for help and work through them.

This angel supports you in your daily work on emotions, on assertively releasing them and developing your emotional intelligence.

Your vision of the Angel is most important to you. Everyone can see something different here. Remember, however, that it is your Angel and your vision :).


Black Onyx is considered a protective stone. It is also called the stone of inner strength ”, because its energy strengthens endurance and resistance when carrying out difficult, complex tasks or projects. Its energy intensifies the body's efficiency, strengthens psychophysical resistance and accelerates regeneration both after physical exertion and after stressful events.

Obsidian has wonderful protective properties - both on the physical, mental and astral levels. Obsidian stones protect a person from negative energies and vibrations from the outside, but also from the inside (e.g. own negative thoughts, reluctance of employees, family disputes).

Obsidian perfectly protects against "draining" our energy by other people. Obsidian helps ground and see the truth

Obsidian can be used in the grounding process and to create a grounded connection with the interior of the Earth. Obsidian will help you see the truth - see things "what they really are" - without emotions or false assumptions. Pick up a piece of obsidian, a sphere, or some figurine, and just start to think about feeling about something. Obsidian has the power to erase all illusions and untruths.

Obsidian strengthens the aura and the energy body
Obsidian strengthens the aura and the energy body. Not only does it provide protection against negative energies, but also helps to transform them into positive energies. Obsidian is a black stone that has a beautiful gleam. Is there a more perfect manifestation of light in the dark?

Obsidian and dream work
Obsidian helps you remember and understand dreams. Sleep is an important part of the Toltec and other traditions of the Teotihuacan peoples of Mexico. Keep obsidian by your bedside, or a small piece under your pillow. It can help you remember and understand dreams.

Obsidian supports spiritual development
Obsidian is the perfect stone to support our spiritual development. Obsidian helps you accept your appearance and yourself as you are. It helps you fight negative thoughts about yourself and others. Obsidian protects against emotional abuse by other people and supports when external pressure is hard to bear. Obsidian is a great stone for gentle, sensitive and affectionate people. Obsidian helps them to maintain their energy independence, allows them to be themselves, does not allow other people to manipulate and control us.

Gold obsidian additionally helps a person see their own beauty and accept themselves completely as they are. It is a great help for people with low self esteem who do not appreciate and do not love themselves.