Set of bracelets with mandala "Rainbow Lotus".

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Stylish, in a beautiful classic tone, a set of three bracelets with the "Rainbow Lotus" mandala surrounded by natural stones: onyx 10, 8 and 6 mm, rock crystal 10, 8 6 mm, hematites 10, 8 4 mm. The mandala is visible on both sides.

The size of the 16 mm mandala motif. I added a kitty pendant to the set.

Size: on the wrist about 16-17 cm.

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The intention of this mandala is to help accelerate your personal development powered by rainbow colors and the number eight.

The lotus flower is a spiritual symbol. The lotus grows like a water lily in water tanks, and with a long root it deeply grows into the swampy ground. Therefore, it symbolizes total transformation, because it draws strength from the slime to create its flower of wonderful beauty. Swamp is a symbol of our negative feelings, which can be a breeding ground for beautiful feelings and properties such as sincerity, unconditional love or joy.
Flowers because of their shape and focus in the middle are a natural mandala. That is why by some mystics they are considered as objects of contemplation. More:

Onyx - Black Onyx is called a stone of internal power, because its energy strengthens endurance and resistance. Ground well. Its energy intensifies the body's performance, strengthens psychophysical resistance and accelerates regeneration both after physical effort and after stressful events. Good for people who are constantly on the move and exhausting work.

Rock crystal - energizes, heals, absorbs adverse vibrations, reduces harmful radiation, energizes chakras, maintains the right level of spirit during meditation. It has protective properties, it is a shield that reflects the negative or low vibrations of envy, anger and denunciation. Strengthens the strength of thought and intention, especially during meditation and prayer. Mountain Crystal according to unconventional medicine: • Stone "neutralizer" - neutralizes harmful radiation, supports the treatment of cancer tumors and severe colds. • Alleviates the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. • Good for the skin by cleansing it of toxins. • Stimulates brain function and helps energy flow inside the body. • Has a beneficial effect on internal organs, especially kidneys and genitals. • Supports the work of the adrenal glands and stimulates fertility for both women and men. Hematite affects all bloodstream and blood.

Hematite was considered a stone of warriors in ancient Babylon. Represents durability, strength, sticking to the rules. Hematite is also called yarrow. This name derived from the Middle Ages indicates the main scope of its activity. It helps in achieving the intended goals, facilitates overcoming difficulties and activates vitality. It increases attractiveness, positively affects everything that is associated with blood: its production, blood circulation, stopping bleeding, menstruation. Facilitates iron absorption. Regulates hypertension, prevents excessive muscle spasms and accelerated pulse. Cures bladder disease and helps with back problems. In the psychological sphere, it awakens the joy of life, gives courage and strengthens the will. It helps turn dreams into reality. Very helpful in balancing the energy of our body and spirit. Increases awareness.