I paint mandalas manually on the glass.

LIGHT can flow freely by soaking it with energy and extracting the rainbow of colors. If you need to bring harmony into your space, enter a rainbow symbol into your home. The rainbow makes everything come back to its place. Colors in mandalas are lively, juicy, intense. In many of them you can find all the colors of the rainbow. Besides, glass is fragile and reminds us of passing. And the traditional Buddhist mandala was just such a task. Remember that the form will pass. What is left?

My mandala takes the form of trees, flowers, various symbols (chakra, heart, lotus). To every mandala I create a description that can somehow approximate the visual message of the mandala. Each mandala vibrates with its subtle energy of color and shape. I had the pleasure of participating in Vedic Art's first and second-degree introspective painting workshops, which further opened my eyes to feel and paint from my heart. In March 2015, I was privileged to present my mandala at the exhibition at the Asia-Pacific Museum in Warsaw.