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89,00 zł

Black unisex bracelet with raw tourmaline. Hand made from black jewelry string. Adjustable length.

139,00 zł

Hand-woven mineral bracelet with a lump of lemon and tiger's eye balls 6 mm, and golden hematites. On a brown string, adjustable size. Strong and durable. For everyday wear.

139,00 zł

Bracelet with a black tourmaline nugget and 6 mm faceted tourmaline beads. Hematite spacers. Braided with black jewelry cord. Strong and durable. For everyday wear. Size from 18 cm circumference. Adjustable.

199,00 zł

An elegant men's bracelet composed of a lump of tourmaline and onyx posts (4x8 mm) The bracelet is made with a laborious sewing method. Wrist size approx. 18-19 cm.

199,00 zł

Men's bracelet made by sewing, with three natural malachite nuggets surrounded by hematites. On a black string. The size is adjustable from the wrist approx. 18 cm to 21 cm. It is possible to match.

135,00 zł

A mineral bracelet with three citrine nuggets and golden hematites as spacers.On a black string, adjustable size. Strong and durable. For everyday wear.

119,00 zł 129,00 zł

A mineral bracelet that supports courage, intuition and financial well-being. It awakens our instinctive nature and protects against the "evil eye". Bracelet with a tiger's eye nugget, tourmaline and tiger's eye balls and hematites.

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