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49,00 zł 59,00 zł

A delicate bracelet with a lump of black tourmaline on a red thread. According to some reports, the red thread is supposed to act as a protective talisman against the "evil eye". In combination with black tourmaline, it is a very strong protective amulet. Adjustable size.

59,00 zł 65,00 zł

A delicate bracelet with a charoite on a purple string. Adjustable size.

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A delicate bracelet with three nuggets of raw malachite with spacers made of golden hematites. On a green string. Adjustable. Strong and durable, will not break, easy to put on and take off. Nuggets size approx. 7 mm.

59,00 zł 69,00 zł

Phenomena bracelet handmade from a piece of raw lemon and buffalo eye 6 mm, lemons 8 mm and hematite. On a brown string, adjustable size. Strong and durable, will not break up, easy to put on and take photos. Round mandala gold plate in stainless steel.

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A minimalist handcrafted bracelet made of lapis lazuli and 6 mm angelite stones and hematites. On a navy blue string, adjustable in size. Strong and comfortable. For everyday wear and sharpening your voice of intuition

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A minimalist handmade bracelet made of a moonstone nugget and beads. On a gray twisted cord, adjustable size. Stainless steel moon motif. Beautiful and durable. For everyday wear and to radiate its feminine lunar nature.

75,00 zł

Bracelet made of minerals that support our energy centers - chakras. There is red jasper, carnelian, lemon, aventurine, apatite, lapis lazuli and amethyst. I also added rock crystal and tourmaline to strengthen the base and crown chakra. Bracelet on a red twisted string of high quality.

49,00 zł 59,00 zł

A mineral bracelet that supports our courage, a sense of material and spiritual security. It awakens our instinctive nature and protects against the "evil eye". Bracelet with a tiger's eye nugget, red jasper, smoky quartz and a buffalo eye. Strengthens the Base Chakra.

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