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Natural necklace with a raw lump of lemon. On a beige wax cord.The necklace is adjustable. I woven into this necklace pebbles: 6mm prehnite, 6mm tiger quartz, 6mm lemon, zoisite with 6mm ruby and hematite. There is also one 8 mm smoky quartz. So a lot of good cleansing and strengthening energy.

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Short turquoise necklace (8 mm) with mandala (25 mm) "Throat Chakra".It fits well and adapts to the body, because of the arrangement of the handles. Overall length 42 cm, adjustable chain. Such a necklace with "Throat Chakra" in turquoise can be not only a beautiful decoration, but also support for the thyroid and energy of the throat. A beautiful, unusual decoration with intentional effect.

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Boho style necklace with "Serenity" mandala (25 mm) and a beautiful long tassel (88 mm). I braided turquoise, amazonite, tiger eye, howlite, hematite and chrysocolla posts in it. On a brown waxed string. Adjustable length. Total length 56 cm. The size of the mandala theme 25 mm.

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A mineral necklace composed of the strongest protective and strengthening stones. I wove tourmaline into it as the main nugget, then rock crystal, quartz with tourmaline needles, black obsidian, and onyx. I added golden hematites. On a black twisted cord. The necklace can be worn shortly at the neck like a stool or longer. The length is adjustable, you can adjust it to everyday styling.

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Minimalist protective necklace with tourmaline. It consists of a main nugget (approx. 11 x 6 mm) and faceted 6 mm tourmalines. On a black twisted string. The necklace is adjustable. I also added small decorative beads.

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