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139,00 zł

Hand-woven protective bracelet with a "Crystal Shield" mandala (16 mm) surrounded by black obsidian with gold dust (10mm). A strong combination of protection mandala and stone with protective effect. Adjustable size. Strong and durable. On a black jewelry string. Fits any styling.

149,00 zł

Unique bracelet with a mandala "Now I am MySelf" surrounded by beautiful brown obsidian (8 mm) and golden hematite. Everything is kept in a uniform brown-gold-beige tone. Strong combination of the mandala message with the properties of brown obsidian makes the bracelet has a great opportunity to change patterns, for a person with such a need, with the desire to work and change.

109,00 zł

Harmonizing bracelet with the mandala "Flower of Life" from black matt onyx (6 mm) on a string of jewelry. The size of the 14 mm mandala theme. The mandala is located on both sides of the base. Universal size.

109,00 zł

Delicate and refreshing as a transparent fluorite bracelet with mandala "Green Lotus - Heals Myself". Fluorite in shades of green beautifully matching mandala not only in color but also with its unique medicinal properties. Size: 18-19 cm. Customizable.

115,00 zł

Bracelet with "Chakro-Transformation" mandala surrounded by 8 mm malachite stones. On a green jewelry cord. Adjustable size. The mandala is located on both sides of the base. The size of the 14 mm mandala.

109,00 zł

Bracelet with the "Calming" mandala surrounded by 8 mm jasper stone and turquoise faceted howlite, 6 mm turquoise and hematite tires. Bracelet on a gray string with adjustable zipper. Strong and durable. Stainless steel base. The size of the 14 mm mandala motif.

119,00 zł

An original, triple, hand-made bracelet with a "Crystal Shield" mandala. Made of black jewelry string, thong and matt black onyxes (6 mm). Very comfortable, practical and durable. Size on the wrist from 19 cm and more. Adjustable with a braided zip. 14 mm mandala theme.

109,00 zł

A toned, elegant bracelet. Made of African turquoise (10 mm) and black stone stones and jasmine picasso (6 mm). The silver base embedded in it is high quality mandala graphics visible on both sides of the base. Size: 19 cm.

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