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75,00 zł 85,00 zł

Energetic bracelet, handmade, with original 7 chakra mandalas, framed in silver color. Made with the intention of balancing all chakras to bring balance and harmony at all levels of our lives.

85,00 zł

Beautiful unisex bracelet with a mandala "Flower of Life" surrounded by a beige jasper. Mandala is placed on both sides of the base.

85,00 zł

Original bracelet with a mandala "Third Eye Chakra" surrounded by beautiful faceted sodalite stones (10 mm) and hematite discs. The pendant is two-sided - always visible. The size of the mandala motif is 14 mm. Size: on the wrist approx. 16-17 cm.

69,00 zł 75,00 zł

A bright bracelet with a mandala "Tree of Light" surrounded by beautiful red jasper (brick color) (8 mm) and faceted golden hematite (6 mm), which glow like light balls in the mandala. Size on the wrist: approx. 17 cm.

75,00 zł

Unique bracelet in the style of boho with a mandala "Radiant Lotus" - 2 in 1. On one side, the mandala is colored on the other side is beige. A beautiful composition of stones. Howlity oponki, jasper casilica 8 mm, hematites. The whole looks very original. At the wrist about 16-17 cm. There is a possibility of matching.

149,00 zł 155,00 zł

A charming set of raspberry-pink bracelets with "Heart Chakra". The set consists of three bracelets that can be worn together or separately. You can combine your bracelets with others. Stones: jade 10 mm, 8 mm and 6 mm. Very practical. At the wrist about 17 cm.

85,00 zł

Energetic bracelet with two mandalas "Tree of Gratitude" and "Tree of the sun - richness" surrounded by etched agate stones and golden hematite.The energy of orange and gold beautifully harmonizes with the energy of abundance and gratitude.The size of the wrist 16 cm. The motif of 16 mm mandala.

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