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In my mandala, the tree shows the life cycle, rebirth (leaves), flowering, ripening (fruit) and falling asleep (leafless branches). The energy of life constantly circulates in its rhythm. Every part of this process is just as important and recognized. Each is needed and has its own meaning for the whole. Sleep is as significant as puberty.  Copywright©

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The "tree of abundance" blooming in rainbow spirals provides health and inner wealth that manifests itself in the external world with a sense of fulfillment of all needs.  Copywright©

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Mandala on glass "Sun Tree - Wealth" This mandala shows the richness of your Being, which is the center of the universe. Just as the sun shines and gives life to everything that is, so can you do miracles in your existence. Your inner wealth is so great, you just need to see who you really are. And then this wealth begins to manifest itself also in the outside world.  Copywright©

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This mandala gives a sense of inner power, fulfillment and free development and growth in every level of life.Oak is a symbol of wisdom, power and longevity.  Copywright©

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This mandala is an image of the source of life and of the whole universe. It represents a symbolic representation of creative power and the unity of opposites. It favors the attraction of two male and female rules and activates the energy of the kundalini.  Copywright©

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This mandala produces bright fruits, full of light and power. It illuminates darkness and brings clarity where it was dark.  Copywright©

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This Mandala helps to express the longing of your heart. This mandala helps to reveal what is in the heart. It gives strength to express feelings, is not afraid of unconditional love, transforms the heart and allows love to flow. He takes care of soul and body. It gives your heart fulfillment.  Copywright©

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"Flower of life" contains the proportions of every aspect and form of life. Everywhere it is discovered, it bears the same name as "flower of life", although in space it is called the Silence Language or the Light Language.  Copywright©

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Mandala on glass "Green Lotus - I heal Myself" was created with the intention and affirmation of good health, harmony and peace. Emanates the colors of light, tranquility and soothing. Shines with joy and delicate energy. Painted on glass 21 cm in diameter. Hanging on a window or wall.  Copywright©

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