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This mandala consists of many triangles that resemble grounded crystals. They reflect the light and thus a rainbow of colors appears. The triangles are arranged so that they form a kind of crystal shield that can protect you and disperse low-energy energies. Copywright©

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Mandala presents the Guardian Angel. I care for the soul of a child who lives in all of us, regardless of age.  Copywright©

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This mandala produces bright fruits, full of light and power. It illuminates darkness and brings clarity where it was dark.  Copywright©

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Mandala on glass "Green Lotus - I heal Myself" was created with the intention and affirmation of good health, harmony and peace. Emanates the colors of light, tranquility and soothing. Shines with joy and delicate energy. Painted on glass 21 cm in diameter. Hanging on a window or wall.  Copywright©

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The mandala on the glass "Angel Guardian of Emotions" appeared in the intention of supporting you on the emotional level. Painted on glass with a diameter of 21 cm. I add a suction cup to the mandala so that you can hang it on the window :).  Copywright©

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