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This mandala represents an unknowable process of creating something new. Through the connection at the cellular level, under the limits of infinity, New Life is created, new quality, new relationship.  Copywright©

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Her message is already in the name of No-Two, or One. Two hearts, two wings, forming a common space, will begin the creation of something completely new. The transformation that is made through Love creates a new quality - rising over divisions, evaluations, limitations - into the land of eternal Acceptance, Love and Joy.  Copywright©

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This mandala is the image of mature, wise Love, which grows from the combination of Love and Wisdom to create the most beautiful Flower of Life. Embodies tranquility, tranquility, sense of balance and fulfillment.  Copywright©

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Mandala on glass "Love Tree". This mandala blossoms with unconditional love, warmth, acceptance, and affection. If you want your surroundings to have such an atmosphere, this mandala is right for you. Copywright©

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