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49,00 zł

Medallion with the mandala "Chakras-Transformation". This mandala pulsates with the energy of all chakras in harmony and balance. It helps to tune, organize and slowly raise energy up.

49,00 zł

Medallion with the "Sahasrara Crown Chakra" mandala. Crown chakra, seventh chakra - the beginning and end of the journey, rebirth to constantly search for new experiences. By waking our crown of the head chakra, we open to ourselves the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of unlimited space and time as well as divine wisdom and understanding.

49,00 zł

Medallion with the original mandala "Sacral chakra". The medallion is made of zinc alloy, free of nickel or lead. Silver or brown color is possible. Total width of the medallion: 39 mm Width of the motif: 30 mm Length of the chain about 60 cm

115,00 zł

Bracelet with "Chakro-Transformation" mandala surrounded by 8 mm malachite stones. On a green jewelry cord. Adjustable size. The mandala is located on both sides of the base. The size of the 14 mm mandala.

59,00 zł

Earrings with mandala in beautiful color in old gold with hanging balls. Base size 16 mm. Length of earrings: approx. 4.5 cm. Manipura is the Sanskrit name of the solar plexus and means "shining jewel".

89,00 zł

Bracelet with the mandala "Solar Plexus Third Chakra" boho. Made of black jewelry string. Very comfortable, practical and durable. One size fits all, adjustable from 18 cm to 21 cm in circumference. 14 mm mandala motif.

49,00 zł

Original earrings with a "Heart Chakra" mandala in a beautiful setting in silver and with a tassel. Open earwires made of surgical steel - anti-allergic. The size of the 16 mm mandala theme. Length of earrings 6 cm.

89,00 zł

Men's black string bracelet with a mandala "OM - divine vibration". Very comfortable and durable. The size of the 14 mm mandala motif. The size is adjustable from the wrist circumference 18 cm to about 21 cm. It is possible to match.

129,00 zł

Original, hand-made bracelet with the "Chakra Basics" mandala surrounded by 8 and 6 mm buffalo eye stones and hematite rings. On a brown jewelry cord. Very comfortable, practical and durable. Wrist size from 17 cm and more. Adjustable braided zipper. Mandala motif (16 mm) under glass on both sides of the base.

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