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65,00 zł

Energetic bracelet, handmade, with original 7 chakra mandalas, framed in silver color. Made with the intention of balancing all chakras to bring balance and harmony at all levels of our lives.

75,00 zł

Energetic bracelet with mandala "Crown chakra" made of mountain crystal and one hematite stone. Size for wrist -: 17-18 cm. 

59,00 zł

A red bracelet with a "Chakra Basis" mandala surrounded by precious jade (10mm) and gold hematite. The pendant is two-sided - always visible. Size: on the wrist 16-17 cm. Customizable. Give the circumference of your wrist in the message to the order.

65,00 zł

Original bracelet with a mandala "Third Eye Chakra" surrounded by beautiful faceted sodalite stones (10 mm) and hematite discs. The pendant is two-sided - always visible. The size of the mandala motif is 14 mm. Size: on the wrist approx. 16-17 cm.

98,00 zł

New energetic "Om chakras healing" bracelet, created with the intention of harmonizing all the chakras. There are natural stones in the colors representing the individual chakras and the mandala-bead OM - the divine sound, the vibration. Size 18-19 cm.

49,00 zł

Pendant with Mandala-Dorothy "Throat Chakra". PenMedallion with the "Throat Chakra" mandala. The Throat Chakra is the first of the higher energy centers associated with communication, self-expression and creation through sound. The Vishuddha Sanskrit name or purification is the key to understanding this communication.

49,00 zł

A balanced base chakra enables you to meet the need for material security and a healthy and harmonious life.

49,00 zł

Medallion with the "Heart Chakra" mandala. The fourth chakra is located in the middle of the chest, it mediates between the world of spirit and the world of matter. Through this chakra, we establish tender and selfless relationships of love with other people.

49,00 zł

Medallion with the "Third Eye Chakra" mandala. Adjna means to perceive, know and rule. While physical eyes are our tools for the perception of tangible things, the sixth chakra, or "third eye," gives us the opportunity to intuitively learn about matters for which there is no specific proof.

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